Off Trail

Off Trail is the beer brand that challenges craft beer’s new possibilities by utilizing microorganisms other than common wild yeast and beer brewing yeast.
Off Trail = unpaved road
Off Trail is the beer project launched in 2019 to challenge craft beer’s new possibilities.The name embodies the spirit of the project, conjuring the notion of forging a new path on an unpaved road, going Off Trail, rather than keeping to the beaten path of conventional brewing.
Well-crafted beer brewing with microorganisms
For Off Trail beers, we are particular about making beer using microorganisms other than brewer’s yeast, which are thoroughly washed through the modern beer brewing process. We are constantly trying to create a rich and complex aroma by utilizing various wild yeasts and microorganisms by the barrel aging method of aging beer in barrels used for wine, sake and whiskey.
Unique and non-reproducible beer
Each barrel-aged base beer has a unique character depending on the environment inside the barrel, and you will never encounter the same taste again. Local specialties such as fruits and spices can be blended with each beer, and different kinds of base beers can be also blended together. The chemical reactions that occur in nature give us new surprises everytime we brew Off Trail beer.
Off Trail
#47 Off Trail Forbidden Land
"Forbidden Land" base beer blend is Sour Blonde Ale, aged 20 months, and Wheat Strong Ale, aged 15 months. Blonde Ale was chosen to have a strong acidity like vinegar, but with a hint of apple. To bring thickness and complexity to the body, we combined cinnamon-infused barrels with Wheat Strong Ale, which has a good oak feel, and added apple puree at the end to make it even juicier. The soft flavors of apple and cinnamon, the stimulation of vinegar, and the tannins of oak are intricately intertwined.
#46 Off Trail Gimme Those Fairy Wings
"Gimme Those Fairy Wings" is a Barrel Aged Sour Ale based on Sour Red Ale and Sour Blonde Ale aged up to 27 months, combined with blueberry, raspberry, cranberry & griot puree. Although the berry and oak flavors of the base beer leave a good impression, the barrels were unique in that the vinegar flavor had come out over the long period of aging, so we considered a fruit puree that would harmonize with this sourness, and added blueberries, raspberries, and cranberries. & Griot puree blended.
#45 Off Trail Funkphobia
Our first collaboration with up-and-coming brewery Totopia Brewery ``Off Trail Funkphobia'' is a complex swirl of funkiness and fruit puree. It's a commonly used method of sour ale + fruit + dry hop, but we find Off Trail's uniqueness within it. We aimed for a beer that has a sour and funky barrel-aged beer, mixed with fruit and hop elements to create a psychedelic atmosphere with even more complexity.
#44 Off Trail Kriek in the Barrel 2024
“Off Trail Kriek in the Barrel 2024” was first released in 2019 in collaboration with Culmination Brewing, a brewery in Portland, Oregon, and won a bronze medal at the “Asia Beer Championship 2019.” The products we have released since then have won medals in international competitions every time, and are highly acclaimed worldwide. Blending was carried out successfully this year, and the first "Off Trail Kriek in the Barrel 2024" after the label renewal was completed.
#43 Off Trail Obedience
''Off Trail OBEDIENCE'' is a rich and heavy barleywine style beer. Barleywine, which means "barley wine," is a beer style that originated in England in the 19th century and has a high alcohol content that makes it feel like wine. The base beer is mashed twice and boiled for a total of 10 hours, then aged in bourbon barrels for 8 months. A sweet and heavy barleywine has been completed.
#42 Off Trail Betrayal
``Off Trail BETRAYAL'' is an imperial stout that aims for a rich and heavy taste. Despite the sweet and gentle aromas of chocolate, caramel, and vanilla, the taste is extremely bitter. It's soft to drink, yet heavy with high alcohol. This work, which vividly betrays the first impression, has been named "BETRAYAL".
#41 Off Trail Chaotic Order
'Off Trail Chaotic Order'' is a collaboration with Iwasaki Jozo, a long-established winery located in Katsunuma, the birthplace of Japanese wine. As a brewery with a brewery located in Yamanashi, one of the best winery areas in Japan, we have taken on the challenge of creating a hybrid product that utilizes winemaking methods.
#40 Off Trail Wild Caught2023
“Off Trail Wild Caught2023” is the second collaboration with the game brand “Tabajibie” from Tanbayama Village, a neighboring village across the mountain from Kosuge Village, Yamanashi Prefecture, where the Far Yeast Brewing Genryu Brewery is located. Barrel Aged Sour Amber Ale is a blend that is the best match for the "Shika Burger", which is a specialty of Tabajibie and is a very popular menu item. A blend of sour red ale aged for 9 months in red wine oak barrels and wheat strong ale.
#39 Off Trail Passing the Torch
Off Trail Passing the Torch released to commemorate the brand's 4th anniversary, is based on a sour red ale aged for 9 months and balanced with a blend of spiced dry and wheat strong. Add cinnamon and dried dates for accents. Additionally, we charred and pickled Quercus wood chips from Tanbayama Village, a village next to Kosuge Village in Yamanashi Prefecture, where the brewery is located. Behind the warm cinnamon flavor, you can feel a slight smoky aroma and tannins derived from Quercus oak.

#38 Off Trail Lightning Strike ~稲妻~
“Off Trail LIGHTNING STRIKE ~Inazuma~” is from “Off Trail,” a brand that takes on the challenge of creating innovative beer, and uses plums from Kosuge Village, Yamanashi Prefecture.
This year, it will be a new product that uses a different style of base beer from last year's "Umekin' Me Crazy!". We chose Brett Pale Ale, a tropical and fruity beer that had been aged in barrels for 6 months, as the base blend because it matched very well with the sourness of plums. Considering this year's climate, where the summer heat continues into September, we also blended a blonde ale with the aim of creating a refreshing drink. The addition of ginger balances out the pungent sourness of the plums, giving Off Trail a funky aftertaste typical of barrel aging, but with a light and drinkable finish.