Democratizing Beer
We aim to reestablish the diversity and abundance of true beer culture, which has sadly been hidden by relentless over-commercialization.
People all the world have loved beer since the dawn of time. However, the mass industrialization during the last century or so has altered beer into a “yellow, fizzy, and uninteresting” shadow of itself, even as it has spread further across the globe.

Beer has become just another mass-produced product, mainly controlled by enormous promotion budgets, instead of by the philosophy, originality and ingenuity of brewers. As a result, it has lost its delicious and inherent diversity, unlike wine and sake which have retained their uniqueness.

We see the craft beer movement starting from the 1970s as beer lovers’ attempt to take back beer’s rich culture from the restrictive large-scale producers. And this movement has been moving in the right direction, allowing more people to enjoy a wider variety of beer styles.

Far Yeast Brewing has set its mission of “democratizing beer” in order to work together with the craft beer community to give beer back to the people.

Vision 2030

Vision 2030
Together with the region to create new values and bring new surprises to the world.
For craft beer to continue to be a culture that is diverse and bring richness to the people, we use wisdom, creativity, and technology to transform locally grown products and surrounding nature, along with the feelings of the people who reside, into the “world language” of beer. We aim to continue delivering surprises that people around the world have never experienced before.
In order to carry out Far Yeast Brewing’s mission and vision, we value the basic spirit of craft beer and conduct our business while always being aware of our four core values. Craft beer is like a global community, connecting people and continuing to convey new values. As a company, we want to play an important role in this endeavor.
Coexisting with the local community
Together with the people of Kosuge Village, where the brewery is located, along with the producers and businesses in Yamanashi Prefecture, we will co-create value through beer by contributing to the development of the local economy and the creation of a town where people can continue to live for many years to come.
Pride as a Creator
A “Brewer” is responsible for all processes related to the product. “Brewer”, for us, is not only about individual passion and tireless research and efforts, but also about being responsible for the beer reaching the customer and drinking it.
Attitude in recognizing diverse values
Beer is a “world language” that is enjoyed everywhere. Just like the craft beer community, where people from all over get together to enjoy beer, we strive to foster a culture of mutual acceptance of diversity and recognition regardless of gender, race, nationality, and other backgrounds.
Contributing to craft beer culture
Craft beer has developed based on a free and active community, almost like an open platform. By contributing to the craft beer community, we strive to accomplish a mission that cannot be accomplished by oneself (democratizing beer).

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Behavioral guidelines
Behavioral guidelines
Behavioral guidelines
Be considerate of your team
We recognize and respect each other’s diverse backgrounds, including occupations and personal values. An attitude of supporting the challenges of colleagues, helping each other, and working together to accomplish the mission.
Demonstrating personal strengths
Visualize the thoughts and strengths of each individual and create an environment where each person can utilize their strengths.We will hone our strengths and compensate for our weaknesses together.
Always remember to respect others
We will treat everyone who interacts with us with sincerity and respect, including the craft beer community, local communities, and business partners.
Take pride and responsibility in your work
Always aim to give your best performance.Don’t compromise on valuing our own work.
Challenge dynamics
Try new things without fear of failure.Let’s involve those around us and create big waves for success.
Ability to execute with emphasis on speed
Although it is important to think carefully, taking the first step is more important than thinking long. By thinking more and more while running toward your goal, you can reach your goal faster.
Every action leads to a smile on the customer’s face.
Our thoughts, challenges, attitudes, and even the small tasks we do every day are all reflected in our products and delivered to our customers.We believe that the smiles we receive are created by our daily activities, and, thus, we act in accordance.

About US
Company Name
Far Yeast Brewing Company
September 7, 2011
Company Address
4341 Kosuge-mura,
Kitatsuru-gun, Yamanashi, JAPAN 409-0211
Founder & President
Shiro Yamada
Exective Vice-President
Yoichiro Hosogai
Yasushi Hoshino,Yusuke Fujii
Noriyuki Okada