Off Trail

Off Trail is the beer brand that challenges craft beer’s new possibilities by utilizing microorganisms other than common wild yeast and beer brewing yeast.
Off Trail = unpaved road
Off Trail is the beer project launched in 2019 to challenge craft beer’s new possibilities.The name embodies the spirit of the project, conjuring the notion of forging a new path on an unpaved road, going Off Trail, rather than keeping to the beaten path of conventional brewing.
Well-crafted beer brewing with microorganisms
For Off Trail beers, we are particular about making beer using microorganisms other than brewer’s yeast, which are thoroughly washed through the modern beer brewing process. We are constantly trying to create a rich and complex aroma by utilizing various wild yeasts and microorganisms by the barrel aging method of aging beer in barrels used for wine, sake and whiskey.
Unique and non-reproducible beer
Each barrel-aged base beer has a unique character depending on the environment inside the barrel, and you will never encounter the same taste again. Local specialties such as fruits and spices can be blended with each beer, and different kinds of base beers can be also blended together. The chemical reactions that occur in nature give us new surprises everytime we brew Off Trail beer.
Off Trail
#4 Oath of the peach garden
To complete "Oath of the peach garden", we blended three kinds of beers, "Peach Weiß'' collaboration beer with Yatsugatake Brewery in Japan , "Japanese Grape Saison'' collaboration beer with "Edge Brewing Project'' in Australia and our flagship beer, Tokyo White with osmanthus. After blending these beers, it has been aged in the wooden barrel used for whiskey and wine making for up to 18 months. The beer has a light taste with a gentle acidity and floral aroma.
#3 Aspire to Grapeness
We added a certain amount of Muscat Bailey A to "Japanese Grape Saison", which is our limited beer using two kinds of Japanese local wine grapes, Koshu and Muscat Bailey A. Then this blend has been aged in the barrel used for wine and whiskey making for 3 months. The complex aroma and acidity brewed in wine barrels and whiskey barrels give a sense of light body red wine.
#2 3 Funkeys
We blended three kinds of base beers to complete "3 Funkeys". One had a Cherry pie-like aroma, another had a smoky flavor profile, and the third was well rounded and full of oak tannins. By blending these three beers together each characteristic found its place with the others, resulting in a well-balanced, complex Strong Ale.
#1 Ginspiration
"Ginspiration" is the 1st release in Offtrail lineup. "Ginspiration" was made by pickling juniper berries generally used for gin making and aging them in wooden barrels. The herbal aroma of juniper berries combined with the IPA's citrus peel-like bitterness creates a deep flavor.