The first time collaboration with Nara Brewing Co.! Using lime, refreshing perfect beer for summer, Silk Road ~Hazy Sour Ale~ Limited release from Saturday, July 10th.

Far Yeast Brewing Co. (Head office: Kosuge, Yamanashi Prefecture; Representative Director: Shiro Yamada), a craft beer brewery that brings beer brimming with originality from Japan to the world will start selling its first collaboration beer “Silk Road ~Hazy Sour Ale~” with Nara Brewing Co. (Nara City, Nara; Representative Director: Yasunori Namioka) will be available from Saturday July 10.

 Silk Road ~Hazy Sour Ale~ is a refreshing summer beer brewed with lime. The slightly woody aroma of the lime is combined with the pine and citrus notes of the hops to create a silky smooth Hazy Sour Ale.

We are pleased to announce our collaboration with Nara Brewery, one of the most popular breweries in Kansai. This is our first collaboration with Nara Brewery. The collaboration is to challenge the diversity of craft beer. In addition, we want to make Far Yeast Brewing’s beer available to craft beer fans not only in Yamanashi, where we are based, and the Tokyo and Kanto suburbs, but also in the Kansai region.

We have developed the recipe for Silk Road ~Hazy Sour Ale~ by bringing together the experience and knowledge of Nara Brewing and ours in each respective field of expertise. Nara Brewing has experience brewing beer with lime and using PhillySour yeast, and we do brewing hop-forward beers, sour beers, and using aged hops.

This time, we paid particular attention to yeast. We used Philly Sour yeast, a new yeast product that both companies have been focusing on recently. Taking advantage of its ability to perform lactic acid fermentation and alcoholic fermentation simultaneously, we used the yeast to fulfill all primary fermentation to bring out the sourness. In addition, we focused on the farnesene* of the Willamette hop because of its hop-resistant yeast characteristics and emphasized the woody aroma derived from the hop. This beer is a complex combination of refreshing lime aroma, sour ale flavor, and rich hop flavor like Juicy IPA. It is a product that challenges the creation of a new aroma.

*What is farnesene?

It is one of the components in hop oil that brings a woody, herbal, and citrus aroma.

The name comes from the idea of “connecting the east and west of Japan with the beer” and the silky smoothness of this beer, just like the Silk Road, a historical trade route connecting the East and the West. The label was designed by Genki Kubo, who also creates labels for Nara Brewery’s products.  The label design by Genki Kubo, the label designer for Nara Brewing, softly expresses the freshness of experiencing a new alcoholic beverage, Hazy Sour, with a slightly surreal and mysterious world view.

 To meet many craft beer fans in the Kanto and Kansai regions and enjoy our various beer flavors, Nara Brewery will be releasing another collaboration product in August.

Silk Road ~Hazy Sour Ale~ will go on sale on Saturday, July 10.

 【Products Overview

Name:Silk Road ~Hazy Sour Ale~

Release date:Saturday July 1oth, 2021

Price:Open price.

Ingredients: Malt (foreign-manufactured), hops, Lime, Oats, sugars


Product style: Fruited Sour Ale

Product type: Happou shu 

Brewery:Far Yeast Brewing Genryu Brewery (Kosuge village, Yamanashi pref.) 

Format: 350 ml CAN, 15 L SUS keg

 ■Online shop is from here: 

 【Nara Brewing】

Nara Brewing is a brewery in Nara City that started brewing in the summer of 2018. Nara Brewery’s motto is “Pleasuring beer selection.” The brewery has produced over 70 different beers delivered all over Japan, from Hokkaido in the north to Okinawa in the south. The taproom is open only on weekends, and you can enjoy a freshly brewed beer on the premises or take it away.

Nara Brewing Co. official website :

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