Brewed with luxurious 150kg of mangoes! The perfect fruit sour ale for hot summer days! Off Trail #13 “Mango Supercollider” on sale Friday, June 25

On Friday, June 25, Far Yeast Brewing released Off Trail Mango Supercollider, a barrel-aged golden sour ale as the 13th ​brand based on the concept of taking on the challenge of innovative beer.

Off Trail was born in November 2019 as the third brand following our two major brands, Far Yeast and KAGUA. Off Trail’s mission is to challenge viewer perception of craft beer and discover new possibilities in ingredients and processes. The name embodies the spirit of the project, conjuring the notion of forging a new path on an unpaved road, going Off Trail, rather than keeping to the beaten path of conventional brewing. Our aim is to brew unique beers using barrel-aging and blending techniques, wild yeasts and bacteria, and local ingredients to produce beers that are unique expressions of our region, resources, and creativity.

The base of the 13th edition of Off-Trail Mango Supercollider is made from four kettle-soured blonde ales fermented in oak barrels by Brettanomyces.

In addition, 150 kg of mangoes were used in the fermentation process to explore and impart “deliciousness particles” to the beer, which greatly enhanced the beer’s taste. During the centrifuge process of the brewing process, a part of yeast and large Mango pulp are carefully removed, but the “delicious particles” of the mangos are retained in the beer so that the beer has the texture and flavor of thick, luxurious mango juice. The funky aroma of Brettanomyces and clean lactic acid taste from the barrel aging that supports them emphasizes the Off Trail character.

The “Off Trail Mango Supercollider” went on sale nationwide on Friday, June 25.

【Product Specification】

Product name :Off Trail Mango Supercollider   

Sales start date: Friday, 25 June 2021

Price: Open price

Ingredients: Mango (made in the Philippines) Barley malts, Wheat malts, wheat, sugars, hops.

ABV: 6.5%

Item: Happoshu

Brewery: The head brewery of Far Yeast Brewing (Kosuge Village, Yamanashi Prefecture)

Specifications: 750ml bottle, 10L keg


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