Far Yeast Brewing collaborates with Granny Smith, an apple pie specialty store! Limited release of “NIGHT WATCH PROJECT #9 Apple Pie Hazy IPA” on February 1st (Tuesday), just like drinking apple pie!

Far Yeast Brewing Co., Ltd. will release “NIGHT WATCH PROJECT #9 Apple Pie Hazy IPA” (hereinafter referred to as “Apple Pie Hazy IPA”) as the ninth installment of the “NIGHT WATCH PROJECT” in collaboration with “Granny Smith Apple Pie & Coffee” (hereinafter referred to as “Granny Smith”), an apple pie specialty store operated by Fungo Co. #(hereinafter referred to as “Granny Smith”), an apple pie specialty store operated by Fango Co.

The “NIGHT WATCH PROJECT” is the project launched at the end of 2019 by a group of professionals in various fields who love craft beer, including brewers, fashion, graphic and architectural designers.

This is the ninth installment of the project, a collaboration with Granny Smith’s, an apple pie specialty store, to create a pastry beer*1 inspired by drinking apple pie.

Based on Milkshake IPA*2, which is very popular among craft beer fans, this beer contains the largest amount of lactose in the history of the “NIGHT WATCH PROJECT”. In addition, a generous 121.5kg of concentrated apple juice is used to create a robust sweet and sour taste.

The use of kveik yeast, which is characterized by its tropical aroma, gives it a fruity feel, while the malt structure gives it a pie crust feel, and the fruit juice and cinnamon give it an apple pie flavor. We aimed for the taste of Granny Smith’s apple pie, which is a crispy pie filled with large apples.


1 What is a pastry beer?

Pastry is a general term for beers that have a rich, sweet taste like sweets.

2 What is a Milkshake IPA?

Milkshake IPA is a beer based on IPA with the addition of lactose, which gives it a sweet taste in addition to the bitterness of IPA, and a creamy mouthfeel with aromas of tropical fruits and vanilla.

NIGHT WATCH PROJECT #9 Apple Pie Hazy IPA will go on sale nationwide on February 1 (Tuesday). Our online store will start accepting pre-orders on Tuesday, January 18 at 1:00 p.m. (deliveries will begin on Friday, January 28). In addition, Granny Smith stores with cafes (Aoyama, Yokohama, Ginza, Nishinomiya, Futakotamagawa, and CIAL Yokohama) will also start serving the product in their cafes on February 1 (Tuesday).


Due to the application of the priority measures issued to local governments to prevent the spread of the disease, the serving of alcoholic beverages at stores with Granny Smith cafes will be suspended until the following period. Please be aware of this.

(This is subject to change depending on the situation. Please contact each store for the latest information.)

Aoyama Store, Yokohama Store, Ginza Store, Nishinomiya Store, Futakotamagawa Store, CIAL Yokohama Store Until February 13th (Sun.)

Nishinomiya Store until Sunday, February 20

The sweet taste of pastry beer is perfect for the Valentine’s season. At our online store, we will be selling a limited number of Valentine’s Day gifts that include Granny Smith cookies and Apple Pie Hazy IPA.


【Product Summary】


Release  date: February 1st (Tuesday)

Price: Open price

Ingredients: malted barley (produced overseas), lactose, apple juice, oats, hops, sugar, cinnamon/flavoring

ABV: 8.0%

IBU: 26

Style: Milkshake Hazy IPA

Click here to purchase at our online store.


Apple Pie Hazy IPA  &  4 kinds of cookies set

Release date: February 1st (Tuesday)

Price: 3,300 yen (tax included)

Set contents

– Two 350ml cans of “Apple Pie Hazy IPA 

– Four Granny Smith “Apple Cookies” of four types (French Damando, English Custard, Dutch Crumble, Classic Rum Raisin)

Click here to purchase at the online store.


GRANNY SMITH APPLE PIE & COFFEE is a homemade apple pie store opened in 2012 with the concept of “granny’s taste”. The name of the store comes from the green apple variety Granny Smith and “Granny Smith” meaning “Grandma Smith”. We use different kinds of domestic apples depending on the season and recipe, and continue to make apple pies that maximize the natural taste of apples. The company has 11 stores nationwide, including a cafe and a take-out store where customers can enjoy apple pies with a cup of coffee made by a barista.










The core concept of this brand is “Craft Beer x Creativity x Entertainment.” We, Far Yeast Brewing, are in charge of brewing the beer and will provide an experience of surprise, excitement, and fun. The first in this brand was, BIRTHDAY GREETING HAZY IPA, which took second place in the IPA category of the JAPAN BREWERS CUP in January 2020.


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