Winner of three awards in international competition! In collaboration with Culmination Brewing, Portland Off Trail #20 “Kriek in the Barrel 2022” will be on sale Thursday, January 20

Craft beer brewery Far Yeast Brewing Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kosuge Village, Yamanashi Prefecture, Representative Director: Shiro Yamada) that has been introducing beers full of originality from Japan to the world, is pleased to announce that Off Trail #20 Kriek in the Barrel 2022, a collaboration beer with Culmination Brewing in Portland, Oregon, will be released to the public on Thursday, January 20, 2022. And it will be available for pre-sale on the official online store starting Tuesday, January 11 at 1pm.

■ This is the third installment of the internationally acclaimed Kriek in the Barrel series.

Kriek in the Barrel, a collaboration beer with Culmination Brewing, Portland, Oregon, was first released in 2019 and won a bronze award at the Asia Beer Championship 2019. The second instrument was released in February 2021 and won gold at the Asia Beer Championship 2021 and silver at the European Beer Star 2021.

This year’s release is the latest in a series of medals won in international competitions and a growing global reputation. The third brew collaborates with Culmination Brewing, like the previous two.

■Deep flavor , Barrel Aged Sour Ale with rich fruit flavor

 Kriek in the Barrel 2022 is a barrel-aged sour ale made by adding Brettanomyces yeast to kettle-soured lactic acid fermented red ale wort. It had fermentation and aging in oak barrels for 17 months with soaking cherries in it. Various characters coexist, including woody aroma and sourness due to the barrel aging, giving it a complex flavor.

When poured into a glass, the beautiful garnet red color, red wine vinegar, and fresh let The aroma of cherries and roses spread. There is a mild cherry acidity, and barrel-aged funky, leathery notes blend together. The finish is dry and fruity. The light-bodied yet fruity flavor is perfect with grilled dishes such as steak, sauteed mushrooms, and grilled chicken.

Originally a Belgian beer style, Kriek is a sour fruit ale made by adding cherries to a spontaneously fermented lambic beer. Kriek in the Barrel is inspired by traditional Kriek but brewed with originality in the process. Kriek in the Barrel has received high international acclaim and will be released annually as a winter seasonal. Kriek in the Barrel 2022 will go on sale nationwide on Thursday, January 20. Our online store will start accepting pre-orders from 1:00 p.m. on Tuesday, January 11.

【Product summary】

Off Trail #20 Kriek in the Barrel 2022
Sales start date: Thursday, January 20

Suggested retail price: Open priceIngredients: malted barley (foreign-manufactured), cherries, sugar, hops

ABV: 7.9%

Style: Barrel-Aged Sour Ale with Cherries

Brand: Happoshu

Brewery: Far Yeast Brewing Headwaters Brewery (Kosuge Village, Yamanashi Prefecture)

Specification : 750ml bottle, 330ml bottle, 10L keg


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About Culmination Brewing

Starting in 2015, the Portland, Oregon-based brewery treasures everything local and finds the perfect pairing. Born in a brewery that was built in a beer bar with more than 20 taps, the majority owner and brewer Tomas Sluiter has grown the company to brew over 100 types of diverse beers.


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