The fifth edition of the Yamanashi Support Project for revitalizing Yamanashi with beer. Far Yeast Brewing × Yatsugatake Brewery Collaboration “Far Yeast Peach Flower Weiß” made of plenty of peach blossoms and flesh of peach from Yamanashi Far Yeast Peach Flower Weiß will be on sale on Friday, June 4th.

Far Yeast Brewing Co. (Head office: Kosuge, Yamanashi Prefecture; Representative Director: Shiro Yamada), a craft beer brewery that brings beer brimming with originality from Japan to the world, has announced the fifth installment of the “Yamanashi Support Project” to liven up Yamanashi Prefecture with beer: “Far Yeast Peach Flower Weiß.” This beer is a collaboration beer with Yatsugatake Brewery (Hokuto City, Yamanashi Prefecture), using peach blossoms and flesh from the peach farmer “Peach Senka Yamashita” (Yamanashi City, Yamanashi Prefecture, Representative Director: Kazuko Yamashita).  The limited brewing of “Peach Flower Weiß” will be on sale to the general public on Friday, June 4, and will be available for pre-order at the online store from Tuesday, May 18 at 13:00.

■The popular peach beer is back for the Yamanashi Support Project!

In October 2020, we moved the head office function from Shibuya to Kosuge Village, Yamanashi Prefecture, where the brewery is located, further deepening cooperation with agricultural producers and business persons in Yamanashi Prefecture. The Yamanashi Support Project started in July 2020, before the relocation of the head office, with the desire to revitalize local industries through beer brewing using products produced in the prefecture.

Until now, “PEACH HAZE” using peaches from Yamanashi City, “Ume-kin’Me Crazy!” Using plums from Kosuge Village, “GRAPEVINE” using grapes from Nirasaki City, “Omoiro Tomato Ale” using tomatoes from Hokuto City.  So far, a total of four types of beers have been released in this project.  We have been sending out the charm of Yamanashi with beer to our society. 

■Collaboration with Yatsugatake Brewery in Yamanashi Prefecture

 This limited edition beer is a collaboration beer with Yatsugatake Brewery in Yamanashi Prefecture. In 2018, we also released a limited collaboration beer with Yatsugatake Brewery, “Far Yeast Peach Weiß,” based on their beer Weiß’s recipe and using peaches from Yamashita’s Peach Senka. This time, the company also supported our Yamanashi Support Project, and we were able to brew “Far Yeast Peach Flower Weiß” with a new recipe. 

In April of this year, the staff of our Genryu Brewery and members of the Yatsugatake Brewery visited the peach fields of Yamashita, a peach specialty farm. And we helped pick and pollinate the peach flowers. We used the pick peach flowers for this brew. The fruity peaches gave a floral aroma to complete the fragrant fruity beer.

■Brewed with peaches harvested at Peach Senka Yamashita 

 Peach Senka Yamashita’s farm has its farm on the south slope overlooking the Kofu basin. It is a perfect environment where you can fully receive the blessings of the sun. It grows delicious peaches using its carefully selected farming methods that utilize the power of nature.

It is also focusing on the sixth industrialization. It uses the disqualified peach due to some scratches or lousy shape as a raw material for processing juice and gelato and sells them at “Peach Farm Cafe La Pesca” operated in its premises and is gaining popularity.

This time, we had you agree with our desire to continue the Yamanashi support project this year, and Peach Senka Yamashita had you divide a part of the processing peaches that it planned to use for its project.  We used 500 kg of processed peaches and purees harvested in 2020 and stored frozen for brewing.

Starting with this “Far Yeast Peach Flower Weiß,” with the full cooperation of Yamanashi, a peach specialist, we plan to release three types of products using its peaches as a Yamanashi support project this year.

The fruity and floral flavor

Far Yeast Peach Flower Weiß is made with an abundance of peach blossoms and fruit. The hops used are Talus, the latest variety with a floral aroma, and El Dorado, which has a stone fruit flavor.

The result is a luxurious drink with a floral and fruity aroma and taste.

 The limited brewing of “Peach Flower Weiß” will be on sale to the general public on Friday, June 4, and will be available for pre-order at the online store from Tuesday, May 18 at 13:00.

We will continue to work with agriculture producers and business persons in Yamanashi Prefecture to bring you various “Made in Yamanashi” beers.

【Product Overview】

Name:Far Yeast Peach Flower Weiß

Release date:Friday June 6th, 2021

Price:Open price.

Ingredients: Peach (produced in Yamanashi city, Yamanashi pref. ) Malt, hops, sugar, peach flower.


Style:Fruited Weiss

Product type: Happou shu (Malt rate more than 25% less than 50%) 

Brewery:Far Yeast Brewing Genryu Brewery (Kosuge vileage, Yamanashi pref.) 

Format: 350 ml CAN, 15 L SUS keg


◆ Links to the online stores are below.  

 >Peach Flower Weiß  bundle of 6 cans

 >Peach Flower Weiß  bundle of 12 cans

◆For the information about Yamanashi Support Project, please click here 

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