A beer inspired by a raspberry chocolate opera cake! Off Trail #12 “Framboise D’Été” released on Friday, May 28

Far Yeast Brewing Co. (Head office: Kosuge, Yamanashi Prefecture; Representative Director: Shiro Yamada), proudly released “Off Trail Framboise D’Été” , the twelfth release from its innovative Off Trail brand.  “Off Trail Framboise D’Été” is a barrel-aged stout (Specially blended with Strong Ale flavored by Red Raspberries, Cacao Nibs, and Cinnamon) with a rich, opera-cake-like flavor and fruity raspberries. “Off Trail Framboise D’Été” was released on Friday, May 28.

In November of 2019, we welcomed “Off Trail” into our brand portfolio as our third brand alongside “Far Yeast” and “KAGUA”. The name “Off Trail” is inspired by our aim to innovate and experiment with every batch to discover new recipes and chart undiscovered territory in brewing. These unique brews often contain region-specific specialties or seasonal fruits such as grapes and peaches, and are aged in wood barrels that were previously used for wine, sake, or whiskey. 

For the 12th edition of Off Trail Framboise D’Été, we aimed to create the flavor of the aromatic and sweet-sour “Opera Framboise” (raspberry chocolate opera cake), one of the French pastries of the season.

The stout, aged for 14 months in whiskey barrels, underwent a second fermentation with plenty of raspberries and cocoa nibs and was blended with the strong ale aged in wine barrels for an extended period of 27 months and cinnamon added as a finishing touch.

The result is a beautiful cake-like dessert beer that combines the complex flavor of a barrel-aged stout with the fruity aroma of raspberries, the refined taste of chocolate, the sweetness of malt, and a hint of cinnamon. 

In French, “Framboise” means raspberry and “d’été” means “summer”.

It is inspired by the rich taste of opera cake, but raspberries’ fruity and sour taste is pushed to the front to perfectly match the upcoming season.

『Framboise DʼEté』released on Friday, May 28th. 

【Product Overview】

Name:Off Trail Framboise DʼE

Release date:Friday May 28th, 2021

Price:Open price.

Ingredients: Malt (produced in overseas), raspberry, Oats, sugar, barley, hops, cocoa nibs, cinnamon

Style:Barrel Aged Stout and Strong Ale with Red Raspberries, Cacao Nibs, and Cinnamon


Product type: Happou shu (Malt rate more than 50%) 

Brewery:Far Yeast Brewing Genryu Brewery (Kosuge Village, Yamanashi pref.) 

Format: 750ml bottle, 330 ml bottle, 10 L SUS keg


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