Far Yeast Brewing Company will Establishes factoryBrewery

TOKYO, Japan – April 28, 2017 – Far Yeast Brewing Company (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo / Managing Director: Shiro Yamada) successfully obtained a license to brew beer from the Japanese authorities today and plans to starts productions at its brewery in the very near future.

Genryu Brewery (The Headwaters Brewery) will start manufacturing the Belgian IPA style beer Tokyo IPA as a new year-round beer alongside seasonal offerings. In addition to these, the regular lineup of Tokyo Blonde and Tokyo White, standard items in the “Far Yeast” series, will be brewed there as well. All beer to be produced at the brewery will be using water of the Tokyo Metropolitan Water Source, specifically, the Tama River.

The highly unique beer will be made using a customized arrangement of the “Bergo Japanese” brewing style, which is based on the traditional Belgian secondary fermentation by bottle conditioning technique. In establishing the manufacturing facility, the company designed equipment and developed recipes based on the experience gained in brewing Kagua, the original beer of the brand that was manufactured in Belgium.

To celebrate launch of our first brewery, Far Yeast Brewing will have murals done on its wall and tank by an talented artist/skateboarder DISKAH (Daisuke Tanaka, DEE, DAIKON).
DISKAH and Far Yeast Brewing have a thing in common: we create by being inspired by Tokyo.
The basic theme of murals will be based on brewing process, tools, materials, and Kosuge village. The murals will symbolize our brewery, it will be one and only, unlike any other. Bet you love it!

Artist Profile

DISKAH (Daisuke Tanaka, DEE, DAIKON)

Born and raised in Tokyo, JAPAN. He is an artist, photographer and skateboader.
Most of his artwork comes from his experience being on the streets and skateboading.
He is a self-taught painter and photographer. He uses his medium to alter the boundaries of the technique and style to avoid being pigeonholed. Artistically, he uses a wide range of techniques to create various unique characters and rich textures from a free hand base. His photographical focus is the street; he documents the multifaceted nature of people and their relation to the scenery. His art and photography has been used in fashion, music, and advertisements. He has participated in both domestic and international solo and group exhibitions. In addition, he is supported from Knowledge Japan and Donkey Sox as a skateboarder.

The company plans to manufacture an initial batch of limited edition Tapecut IIPA to celebrate the start of production. It will be available in both bottles and barrels.

Details of Far Yeast Tapecut IIPA

Release date: In Early June, 2017
Ingredients:Malt, Hop, Sugar
Alcohol Content:8.0%
Sizes Available:330ml bottle and keg

(Pictured above: Brewery Front Entrance, Under Picture: Brewery Plant inside)

Brewery Overview

Name: Far Yeast Brewing Company Genryu Brewery
Address:4341-1 Kosuge Village Kitatsuru District, Yamanashi Prefecture 409-0211
Access:30 minutes by car from Okutama or Ohtsuki Stations
Open date:May 1, 2017
Site Area: 1,450㎡

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