Seven of our products won awards at the International Beer Cup 2023.

[The International Beer Cup 2023 was held on Sunday, October 1, 2023, in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan, The seven products won awards, the largest number of awards for our company.

About The International Beer Cup

The International Beer Cup is a beer competition organized by the Japan Microbrewers Association and has been held annually since 1996. (Prior to 2013, the competition was called the International Beer Competition.)Although the competition is held in Japan, it is not limited to domestic and microbrewed beers, but also includes beers from outside of Japan.

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Seven of our products received awards this year, the largest number of any company in Japan.
We are very honored to have received awards for all four products from our regular Far Yeast brand, including all of the “Tokyo Series” and Far Yeast HopFrontier -Juicy IPA-, which will join our regular lineup from 2021.
In addition, a number of limited edition products that challenged new styles and production methods also won prizes, which is a result of our efforts to realize our mission and improve quality as a company that advocates the dissemination of a variety of craft beers.

The entire staff will continue to strive for “Democratizing Beer – Restoring the diversity and richness of beer once again”.

The award-winning beers are as follows

Bottle/Can Category: Bamberg-Style Helles Rauchbier [Gold Award

Smoked Helles was brewed with malt smoked with thinned wood from pruning peach and cherry fields in the Kofu Basin, and has a clean sweetness from the malt, a sweet and gentle smokiness from the fruit wood that does not interfere with the base lager, and pleasant carbonation. The finish is highly drinkable. This impressive product is reminiscent of the scenery of the Kofu Basin in spring, which is known as “Peachland.

Bottle/Can Category: Wood- and Barrel-Aged Sour Beer [Gold Award
Off Trail Sleeping Dragon

Off Trail” is a unique and innovative beer that is different from the “well-paved road” and goes down the “Off Trail” = “unpaved road”, utilizing microorganisms other than beer yeast as the main ingredient. This is a project that continues to brew unique and innovative beers that cannot be reproduced. This Barrel Aged Miso Gose is a blend of a sour blonde ale aged for 13 months in red wine oak barrels with miso added. This is a collaboration with Gomi Soy Sauce, a long-established company in Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture that has been making Koshu Miso using natural brewing in wooden vats since its establishment in 1868. The sourness of the base beer is well balanced with the saltiness of the miso, giving it a complex flavor with a white wine-like fruitiness and a funkiness that is typical of “Off Trail”.

Bottle/Can Category: American-Belgo-Style Ale [Silver Award].
Far Yeast Tokyo IPA

Aromas of tropical and citrus aromasare gorgeously aromaticthanks to the use ofBergevin yeast andAmerican hops. The bitterness of the aftertastelingers in the mouth, making this a popular IPA style.

Bottle/Can Category: Specialty Saison [Bronze Award] (Brewer)
Far Yeast Tokyo White

The mild acidity andclean aftertastecharacteristic of saison yeast.
The fruity aroma andsharp mouthfeel created by the yeast and hops make this beer perfect for everyday meals.

Bottle/Can Category: American-Style Pale Ale [Bronze Award
Far Yeast Tokyo Blonde

The abundant use ofhops gives this beer an elegant aroma and bitterness that is perfectly balanced with the malt.
It has a refreshing taste that goes well with any dish and can be enjoyed every day.

Bottle/Can Category: Juicy or Hazy India Pale Ale [Bronze Award
Far Yeast Hop Frontier -Juicy IPA- (Far Yeast Hop Frontier Juicy IPA )

Based on the latest hop theory, Far Yeast Hop Frontier Juicy IPA was created to maximize the “aroma component”.
It has a complex aroma of monoterpene alcohols, thiols, and hop-derived esters, and a juicy, tropical flavor that pops.
It will be a new standard in the Far Yeast series from June 2021.

Bottle/Can category: Koln-Style Kolsch [Bronze Award].
Far Yeast Farm to Brew 20 23

This fresh hop beer is brewed at Kobayashi Hop Farm in Hokuto City, Yamanashi Prefecture, with fresh hops harvested in the morning by Far Yeast staff and put into the brewing kettle on the same day. This is a special beer made only during the hop harvesting season, in order to extract as much as possible of the delicate aroma components of hops, which are said to oxidize and deteriorate quickly from the moment they are harvested, we minimize the time between the harvesting and the injection into the brewing kettle.

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