We are happy to announce the 3rd collaboration brew with 「BICYCLE COFFEE TOKYO」, Eco-Friendly coffee roaster from San Francisco, CA. “Far Yeast BICYCLE COFFEE IPA 2019” will be released on 14th February 2019. This collaboration brew beer is Belgian IPA style beer and brewed with BICYCLE COFFEE TOKYO coffee beans for flavouring.

The first collaboration beer with BCT was brewed with Guatemala and Ethiopia blended beans. Guatemala bean was fruity and we used two different roasted conditions beans together to make it have more complexity. And, Ethiopia beans we had had subtle sweetness which made the beer nicely palatable.

For the second collaboration, we brewed two kinds of beers that used one kind of coffee but different roasting styles and different farm origin. Depending on roasting style we named the beers as “Far Yeast BICYCLE COFFEE IPA Medium Roast” and Far Yeast BICYCLE COFFEE IPA “Dark Roast”.

For the third collaboration beer “BICYCLE COFFEE IPA 2019”, we used special two kinds blended coffee beans. Blending was made of Guatemala beans and Ethiopia beans.
Guatemala beans were mixed with light roasted beans that had fruity and clean flavor and medium roasted beans had stronger body flavor. Ethiopia beans had fruity and strawberry like sweetness. Comparing to the previous 2nd version brewed beer, this 3rd version gives you more refreshing scent of coffee and brings you more earthy flavor.

Every version of BICYCLE COFFEE IPA uses various types of coffee beans from different origin of farms as well as different harvest timings.
Such differences vary the beer’s taste every time and we hope that is what you find as a kind of fun and try it!

Keg and bottle will be available.
First launch will be on 7th February at Far Yeast Tokyo Craft Beer & Bao and BICYCLE COFFEE TOKYO
Domestic wholesale and retail sales starts on February 14, 2019.

We are actively brewing seasonal and limited beers and we hope those variety of new beers will bring joy and fun to everyday’s different scenes.

Product name: Far Yeast BICYCLE COFFEE IPA 2019
Release Date: Thursday 14th Feb 2019
Price: Open Price
Ingredients: barley malt · hop · coffee · sugar
ABV: 6.0%
Beer Style: Coffee IPA
Package : Keg 15L / Bottle 330ml


It was established in San Francisco Bay Area in 2009.
The company’s business concept is “roasting fine quality coffee grown on a sustainable farm and delivering it by bicycle”. BICYCLE COFFEE autonomously provides top quality and sustainable fair trade coffees to customers by bicycles.
BICYCLE COFFEE TOKYO is a branch and has been since 2013.

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