Kagua Debuts in Spain

TOKYO, Japan – June 8th, 2017 – Far Yeast Brewing Company (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo / Managing Director: Shiro Yamada) is pleased to announce that its premium craft beers, including the Japanese scented ale Kagua, will soon be available for purchase in Spain.

Traditionally in Spain, German and American beers as well as wine have been popular in the Mediterranean country, but craft beers from the United States and the growth of domestic breweries have gradually expanded the craft beer market. In Spain, Kagua will be sold by the importer Oriental Market, which specializes in Japanese food and seasoning, as well as Japanese beer and sake, etc.

Distribution details for Spain:

Commercial Launch: June 2017
Distribution Partner: Oriental Market
Main Market: Focusing on nationwide high-class on-premise & off-premise sales

Far Yeast Brewing Company’s offerings have been available in 14 countries and territories around the world, in addition to its home country of Japan. And the number will be increasing with the launch of sales in Spain from June this year, bringing the company closer to its mission of distributing its specialized craft beer all over the world.

Far Yeast Brewing Company Global Sales

・United States
・United Kingdom
・Hong Kong
・South Korea
・Spain (Starting June 2017)

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