Far Yeast Brewing Continues Expansion

– February 9, 2016 – Far Yeast Brewing Company (FYB) is pleased to announce that it will soon be adding Israel to the growing list of countries where its original craft beer Kagua is available. At the same time, the Japan­based brewery is planning to expand its offerings in Hong Kong with the launch of Far Yeast Tokyo Blonde Export in the country.

Including both the Kagua and Far Yeast brands, products produced by FYB are already available in 10 countries around the world in addition to its home country of Japan. And with the expected launch date of February 2016, it will increase that number further with the addition of Israel.

「KAGUA」Sales Territories

・United States
・United Kingdom
・Hong Kong
・South Korea
・Israel(launching in February 2016)

「Far Yeast Tokyo Blonde Export」Sales Territories

・Hong Kong(launching in February 2016)

The company said it will continue to make efforts to offer its fine products of Kagua and Far Yeast throughout the world by working to expanding sales, particularly in Asia, North America and Europe.

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