[Press Release]Premium Japanese Craft Beer ‘KAGUA’, to be launched in Thailand from November 2013

TOKYO, Japan – November 26, 2013 – Today, Nippon Craft Beer Inc. is announcing the launch of its Japanese scented ale ‘KAGUA’ in Thailand at the end of November 2013.

Nippon Craft Beer launched ‘KAGUA’ in Hong Kong and Singapore in September 2012, and its reputation has grown since then in both two countries. After embarking on Hong Kong and Singapore, Thailand is the third market outside Japan for Nippon Craft Beer to start business.

Thailand is a dynamic and rapidly growing market for craft beer since it was introduced just over one year ago. Craft beer is quickly gaining popularity in Thailand’s upscale restaurants/bars and there recently been a rapid increase of bars and restaurants focusing on craft beer. For these reasons, Nippon Craft Beer sees a large market opportunity for luxury craft beer like ‘KAGUA’.

Nippon Craft Beer has selected Beervana, Thailand’s leading craft beer distributor, to launch ‘KAGUA’ there. Beervana distributes craft beer exclusively. This focus allows Beervana to curate the very best hand crafted beers from around the world, and bring them directly to Thailand’s top restaurants, bars and hotels. Beervana seeks hand crafted beers of distinction that evoke characteristics of their regions of origin.

“From the first time I ever tasted it, I knew that Kagua was a perfect fit for Beervana,” said Beervana’s Founder and Chief Beer Enthusiast, Aaron Grieser. “With Kagua you know that meticulous attention has been paid to every detail, from the elegant presentation to all the nuanced flavors balanced in the beer. Its Japanese character really comes through thanks to the indigenous ingredients like yuzu and sansho. It just draws you in.”

“We are very lucky to team up with Beervana, one of the most influential craft beer distributors in Thailand. It is a great step for us to introduce ‘KAGUA’ to people in Thailand,” said Shiro Yamada, the CEO of Nippon Craft Beer. “We will look for further opportunities to deliver ‘KAGUA’ throughout the world, including other Asian countries, North America and Europe.”

[Details of the Service]

  • Commercial Launch Date:End of November, 2013
  • Distribution Partner:  Beervana Trading Ltd., Aaron Grieser, Founder
  • Market:   Japanese Restaurants and high-end Restaurants or Bars.


KAGUA is a unique ale, unlike anything you have tasted before.

Following recipes created by Nippon Craft Beer Inc., the beers are brewed by a renowned Belgian brewer, after testing 14 different prototypes over four years. From gathering the raw materials, setting up the manufacturing methods, arranging the logistics processes, and even designing the bottle; in all aspects we have pursued the highest quality possible.

There are two different flavors ‘KAGUA’ just like there are white wines and red wines. ‘KAGUA Blanc’ is a light-colored top-fermented beer with wheat, and ‘KAGUA Rouge’ a dark-colored top-fermented beer with the roasted malt. Both ‘KAGUA Blanc’ and ‘KAGUA Rouge’ incorporate the traditional Japanese herbs of Yuzu and Sansho.
With a complex aroma offering hints of sweetness, bitterness as well as freshness, KAGUA plays an integral role in the marriage between food and drink.

**KAGUA is a registered trademark of Nippon Craft Beer Inc. in Japan and other countries.

ABOUT Nippon Craft Beer Inc.

Nippon Craft Beer Inc. was founded in September 2011, to deliver the best beer throughout the world. It launched the first product ‘KAGUA’ on 24 March 2012 which is now available at more than 300 high-end restaurants in Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore. We are planning global expansion and an increase in products lines in order to realize our mission of making unique beer for the discerning consumers.

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