The fifth collaboration beer with Fukuoka Beer Sonic Far Yeast WESTBOUND 5th India Pale Lager limited release on Fri 18, June!

Far Yeast WESTBOUND 5th India Pale Lager, the fifth in the WESTBOUND series of beers created in collaboration with BEERSONIC, a craft beer specialty store in Fukuoka, will go on sale Friday 18th June. 

 We collaborated with BEERSONIC, an indie liquor store that brings together craft beer and various cultures in Fukuoka, at our directly managed Fukuoka store BEERHOLIC, which opened last year. The WESTBOUND series of collaborative beers will include Far Yeast WESTBOUND SESSION IPA and Far Yeast WESTBOUND Session IPA 2nd in 2018, Far Yeast WESTBOUND 3rd Brut IPA in 2019, and Far Yeast WESTBOUND 3rd Brut IPA in January 2021. In January 2021, we will brew the Far Yeast WESTBOUND 4th India Pale Lager, and so far, we have brewed four limited-edition beers.

 The fifth in the series, “Far Yeast WESTBOUND 5th India Pale Lager,” is a re-brew of “WESTBOUND 4th India Pale Lager,” the first lager style brewed in-house, which was released in January 2021 to great acclaim. 

We used five types of hops, including the Nelson Sauvin and Lemon Drop hops that have been used throughout the Westbound series, and we brewed it to be clean and drinkable rather than only making it have a flashy hops character. 

The alcohol content of The 5th India Pale Ale is 4.8%, which is a little lower than most lager-style beers, and it is a drinkable beer with a refreshing citrus taste and crispness. It can easily go well with meals and can be enjoyed in a wide range of scenes. 

The can’s package design is an original design by Toyameg, a pop artist from Fukuoka, Japan, who has collaborated with other Japanese artists and brands.

Far Yeast WESTBOUND 5th India Pale Lager is scheduled to arrive at liquor stores and restaurants nationwide from Fri, 18 June. The online pre-orders will be started at 13:00 on Tuesday, 25 May, and shipments will begin on Friday, 11 June.

 【Product Overview】

Name:Far Yeast WESTBOUND 5th India Pale Lager

Release date:Friday June 18th, 2021

Price:500 Yen, excl. tax.

Ingredients: Malt, hops.


Style:India Pale Lager

Product type: Beer

Brewery:Far Yeast Brewing Genryu Brewery 

Format:350ml CAN, 15L SUS keg


Since April 2017, BEERSONIC has been hosting events in various places such as cafes, galleries, apparel stores, and public baths around Fukuoka City based on the part of the resident house where they are licensed to sell alcohol under the theme of “Let the hops work.”

In April 2018, with the release of “Far Yeast WESTBOUND Session IPA,” BEERSONIC opened a bottle shop in the four tsubos with a standing bar in Takasago, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City.

In May 2020, a bottle store opened alongside Far Yeast Brewing’s third directly managed store, BEERHOLIC, which opened near Ohori Park in Fukuoka City’s Chuo Ward. In addition to selling craft beer, the company is also proposing a quality life with beer.


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