A new limited collaboration beer with Edge Brewing Project, Japanese Grape Saison, will be released in late October.

Far Yeast Brewing will release “Japanese Grape Saison,” a limited beer brewed in collaboration with Edge Brewing Project of Melbourne, Australia, in late October.

“Japanese Grape Saison,” is brewed with locally sourced “Muscat Bailey A,” a popular red varietal, and “Koshu,” a white grape indigenous to Japan. The beer’s wine-like aroma was inspired by Australia’s new-world wine country.

In addition to local fruit, we used three kinds of hops: Merkur, Nelson Sauvin, and Enigma. As a result, the beer has a complex fruity aroma and a dry, crisp finish. Like a wine, when the beer is aerated a fresh fragrance unfolds.


About Edge Brewing Project Brewery

Edge Brewing Project is a craft brewery based in Melbourne, Australia. They collaborate with breweries around the world to create a new style of craft beer using their local ingredients.

The brewery is committed to using only raw materials, meaning additives and extracts have no place in their brewing process.



【Product Specs】

Name:Japanese Grape Saison

Release date:Late October

Price:Open Price

Ingredients:Grapes, Malt, Sugar, and Hops.



Style:Italian Grape Ale (fruit saison)

Product Type:Happo-shu

Made In:Far Yeast Brewing Genryu brewery. Kosuge, Yamanashi.

Format:15L Keg, 330ml Bottle

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