Far Yeast Brewing and AAR Japan start COVID-19 support campaign, 「Cheers to Support」June 1st start

Far Yeast Brewing (Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Shiro Yamada) and international NGO, Association for Aid and Relief (AAR) Japan (Head office: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, President: Yukie Osa) will start a COVID-19 support campaign, “Cheers to Support,” starting June 1st. Far Yeast Brewing and AAR Japan will begin selling two kinds of packages including craft beers, PPE, hand sanitizer, and a limited edition commemorative wooden coaster on Far Yeast Brewing’s online store (https://faryeast.stores.jp). Far Yeast Brewing will donate part of the proceeds to AAR Japan for COVID-19 emergency responses such as assisting people in developing countries to prevent the infection and supporting disability welfare facilities in Japan. 

“Cheers to Support”was named with a wish for people to “cheer”up each other to overcome the COVID-19 crisis by purchasing beer and have “Cheers!”time.

Far Yeast Brewing has carried out the campaign, “Clap for Carers” since April 21st, which delivers free lunch to medical workers who engage in health care at the frontline to fight against COVID-19. Lots of craft beer fans purchased the “Clap for Carers” beer set, and sent gratitude towards them with lunch boxes. As of May 27th, more than 840 free lunch boxes were delivered to medical workers of Keio University Hospital, and the campaign will continue until the end of May. 

Although the rate of COVID-19 infections in Japan is currently in decline, it’s difficult to predict  how the outbreak will progress around the world. To contribute further toward COVID-19 relief, from June 1st 2020 Far Yeast Brewing is starting a new joint project with an International NGO, AAR Japan, to assist vulnerable populations such as refugees and persons with disabilities (PWDs). The assistance will be delivered to refugee camps abroad and disability welfare facilities in Japan. 

Far Yeast Brewing’s craft beers have been enjoyed widely around the world. We are excited to ask all beer fans to work together to overcome this crisis. Part of the sales of “Cheers to Support”products are donated to AAR Japan to assist the lives of refugees and PWDs.

For “Clap for Carers,” customers can support Japanese healthcare workers while enjoying craft beer packages. “Cheers to Support,” empowers customers to choose to whom they want to give their support in the fight against the COVID-19 crisis by purchasing one of two packages:

「Cheers to Support 」URL: https://faryeast.com/cheers-to-support/


■Cheers to Support Refugees

Refugee camps are often overcrowded and suffer from poor hygiene condition. If one person becomes infected, it could cause a rapid epidemic in the area. AAR Japan has been implementing hygiene education in a refugee camp in Bangladesh where a lot of people fled from Myanmar and also in Pakistan as its health care system is not strong. Part of the sales of “Cheers to Support Refugees”will directly go to mitigate the outbreak for such high-risk groups.


<Cheers to Support Refugees>

Items in the package

– 6 bottles of craft beers including 「馨和 KAGUA」brewed in overseas

– AAR Japan official goods, bath soap

– Limited commemorative wooden coaster

Price : JPY 5,500 tax and shipping fee included

For more information and to choose either of  the “Cheers to Support”packages after June 1st, visit our online store (https://faryeast.stores.jp/)

■Cheers to Support PWDs

In spite of the significant needs of sanitary goods such as masks, sanitizers and gloves in home nursing services and welfare facilities for persons with disabilities (PWDs) in Japan, it may often be overlooked. To provide necessary protective equipment to these places and people in need, following package is arranged. Part of the proceeds from “Cheers to Support PWDs,” will go directly to supporting PWDs in Japan.

<Cheers to Support PWDs>

Items in the package

– 6 bottles and cans of craft beers including 「FAR YEAST」brewed in domestic

– AAR Japan official goods, bath soap

– Limited commemorative wooden coaster

Price : JPY 5,500 tax and shipping fee included

For more information and to choose either of  the “Cheers to Support”packages after June 1st, visit our online store (https://faryeast.stores.jp/)


About Association for Aid and Relief, Japan (AAR Japan)

AAR Japan is an international Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) with no political, ideological or religious affiliation established in 1979. Since then, its mission has evolved into providing assistance to the most vulnerable people in the world. AAR Japan now operates mine action and assistance for PWDs as well as people affected by disaster and conflict mainly in Africa, the Middle East and Asia. 

For the emergency response to relief COVID-19 outbreak, AAR Japan has been providing personal protective equipment such as masks and sanitizers to disability welfare facilities in Japan. Hygiene education has been implemented in countries such as Bangladesh and Pakistan.



About Far Yeast Brewing Co., Ltd.

“Democratizing beer” – Developed under the mission to “ re-establish the diversity and abundance of true beer culture, which has sadly been hidden by relentless over-commercialisation.” To achieve this goal, we enlist our Japanese flavored beer brand “Kagua,” Tokyo themed brand “Far Yeast,” and Innovative beer brand “Off Trail” to spread our distinctive beers to the world.


Company Profile

Company name         Far Yeast Brewing Co., Ltd.

Founded                     September 7, 2011

Capital        64,975 thousand yen

Head office address       2-6-8 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 5th floor

Representative Director   Shiro Yamada

Business                       Craft beer brewing, distribution sales. Restaurant management.

URL                                   https://faryeast.com


<Contact Information>

For Press

Far Yeast Brewing Company

Attn. : Oshiro, Sasaki

For Liquor store, Restaurants


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