Our Responsibilities to Society
Sustainability Goals

Far Yeast Brewing is committed to building a sustainable business to promote the health of our community, our employees, our customers, and our planet. Below is a summary of our Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and our past, current, and future initiatives to meet those goals.

1.Supporting Our Local Community

Historically, breweries have always had strong ties to their local communities and Far Yeast is no exception. In 2017, we established the Genryu Brewery in Kosuge Village, Yamanashi Prefecture and in 2020, we moved our company headquarters from Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, to Kosuge Village in an effort to promote the area’s economic growth and regional revitalization. We believe that the rural villages of Japan are under threat as more and more people flock to major cities and we are doing our part to keep our local countryside community flourishing.

Initiatives already underway

Regional Revitilization

In an effort to mitigate the economic impact of COVID-19 on local industry partners, we launched the Yamanashi Support Project in April 2020. Through this program, we purchase crops that would otherwise go to waste and turn them into delicious beers, promoting the growers in the process. So far, we’ve brewed beer using local Yamanashi agricultural products including peaches, plums, grapes, and tomatoes. We will continue this project as the core of our regional development efforts.

We also offer our beer as a rebate gift to those who support Kosuge Village and the neighboring Otsuki City through the “Furusato Nozei” Hometown Tax Donation Program in Japan.

Promoting Local Tourism

Here in Kosuge, we joined the local tourism association and participate in hosting local events like the Tama Headwaters Festival, the Tama River Headwaters Trail Run, and the Earth Blessing Festival to promote the village and attract visitors.

To invigorate the local economy, we developed limited editions of our flagship beers that are sold exclusively at local ryokans, campgrounds, and shops, and at Kosuge Road Station (Michi no Eki).

Local Job Creation

As of September 7th, 2021, eighteen people work at our headquarters & brewery in Kosuge Village. In addition to creating job opportunities for local residents, we have brought new workers to Yamanashi prefecture, contributing to regional resettlement.

Our future initiatives for the local region

Building new business ventures

We are working to open beer pubs and shops in Kosuge Village and neighboring municipalities that sell our beer and local specialties.

2.Environmental Activities

In order to create a sustainable society, environmental issues must be addressed first and foremost. We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our beer production to promote the health of the natural world.

What we are currently working on

Brewing beer with lower environmental impact

The beer brewing process requires a variety of energy sources, including burning boilers for boiling and maintaining temperatures. We have consistently worked to reduce our environmental impact since the start of operations at the Genryu Brewery in 2017.

By carbonating our beer naturally through secondary fermentation in the package, we reduced our need to purchase carbon dioxide to package and serve our products.

The spent grain produced during sweet wort collection is used as animal feed for the goats raised in Kosuge Village and larger farms around Japan.

We also distill spirits by collecting beer that does not meet quality standards and would otherwise be disposed of. We have also established a system to recover hot water from distillation to reuse it for brewing beer and cleaning equipment.

Future Initiatives

Further reducing our brewery’s environmental impact

We have plans to further reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. We intend to install a nitrogen generator to replace the carbon dioxide needed to move beer from tank to tank. We also plan to go a step further and recover and reuse the carbon dioxide naturally emitted during alcoholic fermentation.
For sustainable beer brewing, we will continue to review our beer brewing process and work with our partners to promote low environmental impact facilities

We will continuously review our methods and work with our industry partners to develop equipment and processes with low environmental impact, aiming for sustainability in beer brewing.

Protecting the water and surrounding forests of the Tama River for future generations

Our brewery resides in Kosuge Village, a mountain town located at the headwaters of the Tama River. The water in Kosuge Village is essential for brewing delicious beer and is also a significant source of water for the Tokyo Metropolitan Area.

By protecting the water quality of the Tama River headwaters, we will continue to brew delightful beer and preserve this water source for future generations.

The surrounding forest plays an integral role in sustaining the water quality of the Tama River headwaters. In addition to purifying the water and preventing sediment runoff, the forest also reduces greenhouse gases by absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen.

By forming partnerships with forest conservation professionals we aim to protect and maintain the surrounding forest, offsetting the carbon dioxide naturally produced during alcoholic fermentation with the ultimate goal of achieving carbon neutrality.

3.Promotion of diversity

Diversity and inclusion have been significant values since our company was founded. We believe that just as diversifying our beer styles will lead to the improvement of beer culture, diversifying our team composition and working styles will lead to the improvement of our company culture.

Initiatives already underway

Employing people with diverse backgrounds

We currently have two American and two Vietnamese employees, with plans to hire additional people from overseas.

We believe that employing people with diverse backgrounds enables our company to remain flexible in a changing world. Our different cultural backgrounds, perspectives, and ways of thinking help us to dream up more innovative solutions to complex problems. As a result, diversity strengthens our company and allows us to overcome otherwise insurmountable challenges with ease, setting the groundwork for future sustainable development.

Promoting diverse working styles

At our headquarters, we are building a baby and pet friendly workplace, allowing our employees to bring their small children and pets to work.

We also support our employees who choose to telework rather than sit in long commutes to get to the office. In these ways we embrace and encourage diverse working styles.

Future Initiatives

As our workforce grows we will continue to employ a diverse team of people from around the world and embrace our differences in race, color, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, and disability status.

4.Health Promotion Initiatives

As a manufacturer of beverages, we are committed to conducting business that contributes to the health of our customers and employees.

What we are currently working on

Production of Distilled Spirits and Hard Seltzer

We have started an initiative to make distilled liquor by collecting defective beer, inevitably produced in the beer-making process. Distilled alcohol is free of sugar and purine, making it easy to drink for health-conscious consumers. We are also working on creating and selling a new alcoholic beverage, Hard Seltzer, low in sugar, gluten-free, and calories.

Smoke-free in the company

To improve the health of our employees, we do not smoke inside the company.

Future initiatives

Promotional activities for an appropriate way of drinking beer and dissemination of beer history and culture.

Excessive alcohol consumption is harmful to your health, but proper drinking has been shown to promote your health. Also, nutritious beer has historically been used for nutritional support and medical treatment.
We will endeavor to interact with beer appropriately and spread the history and culture of beer.

New businesses other than alcoholic beverage business

To achieve the SDGs, we are responsible for reducing the negative impact of alcohol consumption on social activities.
We will do everything possible to realize Goal 3: Good Health and Well-Being, including launching businesses other than alcoholic beverages.

We intend to review SGDs every 6 months to add / change stuff.