Far Yeast Brewing A limited special version of the new classic beer “Hop Frontier” is now available! Featured Oceanian hops used Tropical flavor Far Yeast Hop Frontier -New World IPA-Released December 17th (Friday)

Craft beer maker Far Yeast Brewing Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kosuge Village, Yamanashi Prefecture, Representative Director: Shiro Yamada) introduces beers full of originality from Japan to the world, which will release a special limited brew “Far Yeast Hop Frontier -New World IPA-” on Friday, December 17th. It is a beer with a powerful tropical flavor that uses hops from Oceania, which has been attracting attention in recent years. The original series of this limited brew product was “Far Yeast Hop Frontier -Juicy IPA-” (hereafter “Hop Frontier”), joined in our line-up as a new standard product since July 2021. 

■ Hop Frontier: Maximize the hop aroma by a scientific approach

Hop Frontier, which was one of the first beers in Japan to incorporate the latest hop theory and advanced brewing methods, was created using a scientific approach to maximize the aroma components of hops, and the first batch was released in March 2021. Four months later, it became Far Yeast Brewing’s new regular beer, and we began brewing it year-round. This Juicy IPA is full of fruity and tropical aromas.

 Recent research into hop aroma compounds has led to a focus on “Survivables”, compounds that can remain as aromas in the finished beer product even after the whole brewing process. They are compounds with low sensory thresholds and are relatively difficult to volatilize. “Survivables” are compounds with low sensory thresholds and relatively low volatility, such as monoterpene alcohols, hop-derived esters, and thiols, which remain strong in the final beer product even after the brewing process, and are said to achieve high aromatic impact. Hop Frontier is a brewing method that effectively extracts these aromatic components and has taken on the challenge of maximizing a variety of aromatic ingredients that have been considered difficult to achieve in the past.

■”New World IPA”, a style that has been gaining attention

In February 2021, a new beer style called ” New Zealand Style India Pale Ale” was added to the beer style guidelines set by the U.S. Brewers Association. Recently, IPAs brewed with Australian and New Zealand hops are called “New World IPA “*1 and have recently attracted attention. Hop Frontier is brewed with the new hop product called CRYO POP™*2 as base hops, developed by Yakima Chief Hops®, using four varieties of hops, after several years of researching “Survivables.” The Far Yeast Hop Frontier -New World IPA- uses the same CRYO POP™ as Hop Frontier. Additionally, it uses New Zealand hops such as “Pacific Sunrise” and “Nelson Sauvin” and Australian hops “Vic Secret.”  While retaining the strong monoterpene aroma that Hop Frontier produces, the tropical flavors of pineapple, orange, and other Oceania hops are extracted to the maximum extent possible for a gorgeous finish.

※1 What is New World IPA?
New World IPA is a style that uses hops from Australia and New Zealand. With the recent popularity of hop-forward beers, this style is gaining attention as a derivative of IPA. It was defined as “New Zealand-style India Pale Ale” in 2021 by the Beer Style Guidelines of the Brewers Association in the United States. It is characterized by an intense tropical fruity and grassy aroma flavor and bitterness that brings out the character of Oceania hops.

※2 What is CRYO POP™?
CRYO POP™ is the new trade name for TRI-2304CR, a hop product developed by Yakima Chief Hops® after several years of research into “Survivables.” Far Yeast Brewing is the first brewery in Japan to use this hop product in its products. TRI-2304CR maximizes this hop product’s solubility (ease of dissolving into liquids), allowing the beer to retain its fruity, ripe, and juicy aroma.


【Product Summary】


Product name: Far Yeast Hop Frontier -New World IPA-

Release date: Friday, December 17, 2021

Price: Open price

Ingredients: malt (foreign-manufactured), hops, sugars

ABV: 6.5%

IBU: 30

Product type: Beer

Style: Juicy IPA

Brewery: Far Yeast Brewing Headwaters Brewery (Kosuge Village, Yamanashi Prefecture)

Specifications: 350ml can, 15L barrel


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