Far Yeast Brewing’s “KAGUA Rouge” Receives Bronze Award at International Brewing Awards 2021!

At the International Brewing Awards 2021, which were judged in the United Kingdom from Tuesday, November 16 to Thursday 18, 2021, Far Yeast Brewing’s core brand product, KAGUA Rouge, received a bronze award in the International Strong Beer category.


About International Brewing Awards

The International Brewing Awards is the longest-established beer competition in the world, started in 1886, and is known as the “Oscars of the beer world.”

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【About the winning beer】

International Strong Beer Category Class 2 – Ale (abv range 7% – 9.9%) : Bronze,

『馨和 KAGUA Rouge』

The beer fits and looks great in the Japanese food scene, and has been on sale since the founding of Far Yeast Brewing. This year’s award-winning  “馨和 KAGUA Rouge” is a Belgian strong dark ale with a robust and heavy flavor, made with plenty of roasted malt and sansho, which is known as Japanese prickly-ash. The aroma of spicy sansho and savory malt, malt flavor and hop bitterness are all balanced at a high level, while the refreshing aftertaste matches well with well-seasoned Japanese food.

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【About 馨和 KAGUA】

An original beer recipe created with the concept of “a fragrance that shines on a Japanese table,” it is brewed on consignment by a Belgian partner using the “Japanese” herbs that symbolize Japan, Yuzu, and Sansho.

馨和 Kagua beer is available in three varieties. Blanc” has a gorgeous ester aroma of wheat and fresh yuzu, “Rouge” has a spicy sansho aroma of roasted malt and savory malt, and “Saison” has a fresh and fruity aroma. Saison” has a fresh and fruity aroma. Like wine, 馨和 Kagua can be enjoyed by pairing it with different types of dishes.

Our products are sold at famous and popular restaurants that have been awarded stars in the Michelin Guide and at high-class hotels and restaurants overseas.


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