A marriage of hop-origin citrusy flavor and coffee flavor, plus the deep flavor from a barrel-aging. Off Trail Series Vol. 14, “Cyclocross Mocha IPA” On sale Thursday, July 29

Far Yeast Brewing Co., Ltd. will release Off Trail Cyclocross Mocha IPA to the general public on Thursday, July 29th, the official online as the 14th Off Trail, which has a brand concept of challenging innovative beer brewing. Pre-order sales will start at 13:00 on July 20th (Tuesday) at the store.

In November of 2019, we welcomed “Off Trail” into our brand portfolio as our third brand alongside “Far Yeast” and “KAGUA”. The name “Off Trail” is inspired by our aim to innovate and experiment with every batch to discover new recipes and chart undiscovered territory in brewing. These unique brews often contain region-specific specialties or seasonal fruits such as grapes and peaches and are aged in wood barrels that were previously used for wine, sake, or whiskey. 

The 14th edition of Off Trail Cyclocross Mocha IPA is a blend of Tokyo IPA aged in whiskey barrels and Strong Ale aged in wine barrels.

While retaining the hop-derived citrus aroma of the base beer, we have added the malty, fruity, sour, woody, rich tannin and a hint of caramel and whiskey complexity brought about by barrel aging. We added roasted coffee beans specially blended by BICYCLE COFFEE TOKYO and cacao nibs for sweetness to give it more depth and balance.  BICYCLE COFFEE TOKYO is a natural coffee roastery from the San Francisco Bay Area that we have collaborated with many times for our coffee beers.  You can enjoy the smooth and mellow-like chocolate mouthfeel and the aroma and flavor of coffee and chocolate.


It was established in San Francisco Bay Area in 2009.The company’s business concept is “We roast quality coffee grown by sustainable farms and deliver it by bicycle.”  BICYCLE COFFEE autonomously provides top quality and sustainable, fair trade coffees to customers by bicycle. BICYCLE COFFEE TOKYO is a branch and has been since 2013.



【Product summary】

Off Trail Cyclocross Mocha IPA    


Release date: Thursday, July 29th

Price: Open price

Ingredients: malted barley(foreign-manufactured), hops, sugar, coffee beans, cacao nibs.

Style: Barrel-Aged IPA and Strong Ale with Cacao Nibs and Coffee Beans

ABV: 9.5%

Category: beer

Brewery: Far Yeast Brewing, Genryu brewery located in Kosuge Village, Yamanashi Prefecture

Specification: 750ml bottle, 330ml bottle, 10L keg

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