Limited Collaboration Beer “Bicycle Coffee Saison” with Natural Roastery “BICYCLE COFFEE TOKYO” to release on Friday, March 26

On Friday, March 26, 2021, we released Far Yeast Bicycle Coffee Saison, a limited collaboration beer with BICYCLE COFFEE TOKYO, a natural roastery from San Francisco Bay Area. 

Far Yeast Bicycle Coffee IPA was first released in collaboration with BICYCLE COFFEE TOKYO in 2017 and has been well received ever since.

For information on past collaboration beers, please click on the link below.

・2017:「Far Yeast BICYCLE COFFEE IPA」

・2018:「Far Yeast BICYCLE COFFEE IPA Medium Roast」「Far Yeast BICYCLE COFFEE IPA Dark Roast」

・2019:「Far Yeast BICYCLE COFFEE IPA 2019

・2020:「Far Yeast BICYCLE COFFEE IPA 2020」 「Bicycle Coffee Stout」

For this collaboration beer, we tried to make a coffee-flavored saison style beer for the first time, instead of an IPA style. This beer has a refreshing fruity and sour taste unique to the Saison style. And the fruity and sour taste with roast flavor from beans specially blended for this collaboration beer has excellent balance.

This beer is highly recommended for coffee lovers and beer lovers alike. At the official online store, we have sold a limited set with Saison Blend, a blend of beans, especially for this occasion.


It was established in San Francisco Bay Area in 2009.

The company’s business concept is “We roast quality coffee grown by sustainable farms and deliver it by bicycle.” 

BICYCLE COFFEE autonomously provides top quality and sustainable, fair trade coffees to customers by bicycles. BICYCLE COFFEE TOKYO is a branch and has been since 2013.


Product Summary

Far Yeast Bicycle Coffee Saison

Release date: Friday, March 26th

Price: Open price

Ingredients: malted barley, hops, wheat, sugar, vanilla beans, coffee beans.

Style: Saison

ABV: 6.5%

IBU: 30

Category: beer

Brewery: Far Yeast Brewing, Genryu brewery located in Kosuge Village, Yamanashi Prefecture

Specification: 350ml can, 15L keg



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