The 10th edition of “Off Trail” is Wheat Strong Ale aged for 17 months in oak and acacia barrels and blended with blackberry leaf tea.


Far Yeast Brewing (Head Office: Kosuge Village, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan; President: Shiro Yamada) whose mission is to introduce original beers from Japan to the world, on 30th March released the 10th installment of the “Off Trail” brand: “Perfect TEN”: barrel-aged wheat strong ale. Perfect TEN is blended with blackberry leaf tea called “Ten cha” in Japanese. 

In November of 2019, we welcomed “Off Trail” into our brand portfolio as our third brand alongside “Far Yeast” and “KAGUA.” The name “Off Trail” is inspired by our aim to innovate and experiment with every batch to discover new recipes and chart undiscovered territory in brewing. These unique brews often contain region-specific specialties or seasonal fruits such as grapes and peaches and are aged in wood barrels that were previously used for wine, sake, or whiskey. 


The tenth Perfect TEN was aged 17 months in oak and acacia barrels and then blended with Ten Cha, i.e. blackberry leaf tea.  The base beer, after the aging, was fruity, woody, funky, and malty. Still, Ten Cha’s addition gave it a deep earthy aroma, licorice spice, a hint of pipe tobacco, and the sweet taste characteristic of Ten Cha.

The TEN in Perfect TEN’s name is from a play on words with the TEN of the blended tee Ten Cha and the 10th installment of the Offtrail series. Last year, most of the beer competitions were canceled due to the COVID-19, so we could not send our Offtrail series of beers to any competition. So, we decided to evaluate it ourselves and say that it is perfect! So we decided to call it “Perfect TEN,” i.e., a perfect score of 10! 

We would be pleased if everyone could taste this beer and rate it as “perfect!”

【Product overview】

Perfect TEN

Product name: Perfect TEN

Sales start date: Tuesday, March 30th, 2021

Price: Open price

Ingredients: Barley Malt (produced overseas), Wheat Malt, hops, sugar, Ten Cha

ABV: 9.2%.

Category: Beer

Brewery: Far Yeast Brewing Genryu Brewery (Kosuge Village, Yamanashi Prefecture)

Specifications: 330ml bottle, 750ml bottle, 10L keg 

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