Craft gin made of craft beer! The first collaboration between Far Yeast Brewing and Kitaya. “KAGUA GIN” launches in mid-May. 

Far Yeast Brewing Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Shiro Yamada), delivering various unique Japanese craft beers to beer fans around the world, and Kitaya Co., Ltd. (Head office: Yame, Fukuoka, President: Kotaro Kinoshita), a long-established Japanese Shochu distillery and Sake brewing company, will release the collaboration product “Kagua gin” in the middle of April. “Kagua gin” is made by distilling Far Yeast brewing’s signature product Kagua Saison.

Far Yeast Brewing and Kitaya export beer to over 20 countries and sake and spirits to 18 countries respectively. Despite our differences in product and process, we at Far Yeast Brewing and Kitaya share the same importer to the United States (Wine of Japan Import Inc.). It was through this relationship that we introduced the idea of a cross-industry collaboration

The concept behind KAGUA, one of our core brands at Far Yeast, is Japanese Fragranced ale. Kagua beers are brewed with herbs and fruits of Japanese origin such as Sansho pepper and Yuzu citrus. Kagua gin is distilled from Kagua Saison, boasting the most potent scent of Yuzu in the Kagua series. After distillation into high-quality spirits, Kagua gin is finished with a healthy dose of botanicals. This craft gin combines a fresh yuzu citrus scent and juniper berry flavor, with a rich flavor of hops and esters derived from Kagua Saison. Kagua gin is recommended for both craft beer fans and craft gin fans.

We continue on our mission to create unique Japanese themed beers to spread new distinctive beers to the world.


【Product specs】


Release Date:Mid April 2020

Price: Recommended retail price in Japan JPY 4,500 

Ingredients: Beer, Juniper berry, Yuzu.

ABV: 45%

Style: Gin

Product Type:Spirits

Product origin:374 Yame, Fukuoka Prefecture Japan 

Kitaya Co., Ltd.

Format:500ml Bottle



“KAGUA”, meaning “Waga-Kaoru,” can be translated as Japanese fragrant beer. Kagua uses unique ingredients such as Sansho pepper and Yuzu. The beers are full-bodied with smooth carbonation from secondary fermentation in the bottle. The Kagua lineup has built its reputation as a high-quality, creative beer among beer fans worldwide since its launch.

In addition to Saison, Kagua has two other flagship products: Blanc and Rouge. Blanc is a strong wheat ale with a gorgeous ester and citrus aroma. Rouge is a strong ale spiced with sansho pepper and offers a savory malt aroma. Each of these unique beers offer a complex and flavorful experience not dissimilar to wine.  You can find Kagua at Michelin starred restaurants and luxury hotels and restaurants overseas.


About Kitaya Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1820, Kitaya celebrates their 200th anniversary this year, 2020. 

Since the company’s inception, they have followed their family constitution, that “the owner has to make the sake,” and their corporate philosophy, “spreading joy to people through sake.” Their premium sake product, “Daiginjo Gokujo Kitaya,” earned the world’s best champion Sake award at the 2013 International Wine Challenge in London.

Kitaya also produces distilled liquor and in 1973, having the ambition to spread Kyushu’s authentic shochu to the world, Kitaya pioneered the first vacuum distillation method in the shochu industry. Distilling at a lower temperature allowed them to preserve the fragrance of moromi, otherwise destroyed by heat, and cemented their position as the leading player in the Japanese shochu boom. This vacuum distillation technology is also used for Kagua gin.

About Far Yeast Brewing Co., Ltd.

“Democratizing beer” – Developed under the mission to, “ re-establish the diversity and abundance of true beer culture, which has sadly been hidden by relentless over-commercialisation.”

To achieve this goal, we enlist our Japanese flavored beer brand “Kagua,” Tokyo themed brand “Far Yeast,” and Innovative beer brand “Off Trail” to spread our distinctive beers to the world. 


Company Profile

Company name       Far Yeast Brewing Co., Ltd.

Head office address     2-6-8 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 5th floor

Brewery address       4341 Kosuge-mura, Kitatsuru-gun, Yamanashi 

Representative Director Shiro Yamada

Founded                     September 7, 2011

Capital 64,975 thousand Japanese yen

Business                     Craft beer brewing, distribution sales. Restaurant management.



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