[Press Release] Premium Japanese Craft Beer, “KAGUA”, to be available in Hong Kong and Singapore from September 2012

TOKYO, Japan – September 4, 2012 – Nippon Craft Beer Inc. (hereafter “the company”, Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; CEO Shiro Yamada) announces that the company will start selling the Japanese scented ale “KAGUA” in Hong Kong and Singapore from September 2012.

Outline of operation in Hong Kong and Singapore:

In order to achieve our mission to “deliver the best beer throughout the world, to as many people as possible”, a full overseas commercial launch will take place in Hong Kong and Singapore in September 2012. The company will sell through the networks of influential local distribution partners. The company will also target Japanese restaurants, taking advantage of the fact that “KAGUA” is the perfect companion to Japanese food.
For the launch of KAGUA in Hong Kong and Singapore market, Mr. Atsushi Hosokawa, owner and chef of Michelin starred restaurant said, “I’m very happy to hear that KAGUA will be entering the Hong Kong and Singapore markets. When I tasted KAGUA for the first time, I fully understood the meaning of Japanese scented beer, the ideal match with Japanese cuisine. Though its use of top quality Yuzu and Sansho, these herbs are not noticeable in taste, but contribute to the richness and complexity of the beer. I’d recommend KAGUA to gourmets in Hong Kong and Singapore. I believe they can really enjoy KAGUA along with the food and I believe KAGUA will be very successful in these markets.”
Shiro Yamada, the CEO of the company, said “It is a distinct honour for me to introduce KAGUA, the premium Japanese scented beer, to everyone in Hong Kong and Singapore. KAGUA is a unique beer in the world and unlike anything currently available in the market. KAGUA uses top-quality, hand-picked Japanese produces, Yuzu and Sansho, and is brewed by a professional brewery in Belgium. I firmly believe people will enjoy the unique and rich taste of KAGUA beer in Hong Kong and Singapore.”

Details of the deployment in Hong Kong market:

Commercial Launch Date
 Around the 15th September 2012

Distribution Partner
 Hop Leaf Ltd. (Jeff Boda, CEO)

 Japanese Restaurants and high-end Restaurants or Bars

Targeted number of restaurants
 Over 40 Restaurants in March 2013

Details of the deployment in Singapore market:

Commercial Launch Date
 Around the 25th September 2012

Distribution Partner
 Tack Lee Ice Pte. Ltd. (Jeremy Hauw, CEO)

 Japanese Restaurants and high-end Restaurants or Bars

Targeted number of restaurants
 Over 60 Restaurants in March 2013

Current situation of KAGUA and the Company:

The company started selling the Japanese scented ale “KAGUA” in Japan on the 24th March 2012. Since this commercial launch, the number of restaurants which serve KAUGA has increased. “KAGUA” is available in 75 restaurants in Japan as of 31st August including many Michelin-starred restaurants such as “Ginza Toyoda”, restaurants featured in the Zagat Guide, and luxury Japanese hotels such as “Gora Kadan”, which was selected as one of the “Top 10 luxury hotels in Asia” by Kipling & Clark, 2009.

For a list of where you can enjoy KAGUA in Japan. please visit: http://www.nipponcraftbeer.com/kagua/where-to-enjoy

Future Developments:

By March 2013, just one year after the commercial launch of “KAGUA”, the company is aiming to have KAGUA available at more than 350 restaurants throughout the globe: 250 restaurants in Japan and 100 restaurants in overseas markets such as Hong Kong, and Singapore. Looking further ahead, the company fully expects to expand its business to cities in Europe and U.S.

Information about “KAGUA”:
KAGUA is a unique ale, unlike anything you have tasted before.
Following recipes created by Nippon Craft Beer Inc., the beers are brewed by a renowned Belgian brewer, after testing 14 different prototypes over four years. From gathering the raw materials, setting up the manufacturing methods, arranging the logistics processes, and even designing the bottle; in all aspects we have pursued the highest quality possible.
There are two different flavors “KAGUA” just like there are white wines and red wines. There is “KAGUA Blanc,” which is a light-colored top-fermented beer with wheat, and “KAGUA Rouge,” which is a dark-colored top-fermented beer with the roasted malt. Both “KAGUA Blanc” and “KAGUA Rouge” incorporate the traditional Japanese herbs of Yuzu and Sansho.
With a complex aroma offering hints of sweetness, bitterness as well as freshness, KAGUA plays an integral role in the marriage between food and drink.
**KAGUA is a registered trademark of Nippon Craft Beer Inc. in Japan and other countries.

Nippon Craft Beer Inc. Company Profile:
Nippon Craft Beer Inc. was founded in September 2011 to deliver the best beer throughout the world.
NOMAD NEW’S BASE 106, 1-10-8 Nishiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN 106-0031
Website: http://www.nipponcraftbeer.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/kagua.beer

Biography of Shiro YAMADA
Shiro is the founder and CEO of Nippon Craft Beer. Shiro’s passion for the beer business is second to none.
He started his career as a venture capitalist and moved to dot-com start-ups, such as CyberAgent and livedoor, in his 20′s. While he was in Europe from 2003 to 2006, some of world’s best craft beers beat him up and he made up his mind to set up a beer start-up. After more than 3 years runup period, he set up Nippon Craft Beer in September 2011.
A Graduate of Judge Business School, University of Cambridge with an MBA degree.

Biography of Mr. Atsushi HOSOKAWA
The owner of the Japanese cuisine restaurant “Hosokawa” at Shimbashi, Tokyo.
He has worked as a cook in “Yayoi” in Kagurazaka after the training, and in December 2008 he opened “Hosokawa” which won one-star in the 2012 Michelin Gourmet Guidebook.
Address: HK-Shimbashi Building 5F, Shimbashi 2-12-2, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Press Contacts:
Erina Usami
Nippon Craft Beer Inc.
+81 (0)70 5594 6881