Cheers to Support

Cheers to support refugees and PWDs

Far Yeast Brewing and AAR Japan will launch COVID-19 support campaign from June 1st, 2020. Far Yeast Brewing prepare 2 kinds of set including craft beers and the part of the sales will be donated to AAR Japan for COVID-19 emergency responses such as assisting people in developing countries to prevent the infection and supporting disability welfare facilities in Japan.

「Cheers to Support」"Cheers" with beers to "Cheer up" each other

“Cheers to Support”was named with a wish for people to “cheer”up each other to overcome the COVID-19 crisis by purchasing beer and have “Cheers!”time.

Kutupalong Refugee camp in Bangladesh(July, 2018)

AAR Japan sent masks to "Yadokari no sato" which is a welfare facility making lunch boxes for elderly people. (Saitama, April, 2020)

The Japanese government decided to lift the state of emergency and restarted the economical activities. On the other hand,vulnerable populations such as refugees and persons with disabilities (PWDs) still need continuous support.

In Japan, in spite of the significant needs of sanitary goods such as masks, sanitizers and gloves in home nursing services and welfare facilities for persons with disabilities (PWDs), it may often be overlooked.

In the world, Refugee camps are often overcrowded and suffer from poor hygiene condition. If one person becomes infected, it could cause a rapid epidemic in the area. AAR Japan has been implementing hygiene education in a refugee camp in Bangladesh where a lot of people fled from Myanmar and also in Pakistan as its health care system is not strong.

You can choose to whom you want to give your support

We prepare two kinds of support set. One support set include domestic brewed "Far Yeast" and refreshing beers for the support of domestic PWDS. The other set include overseas brewed "KAGUA" and strong taste beers for the support of overseas refugees.

Cheers to Support PWDs(Domestic)

Cheers to Support Refugees (Overseas)

What support we do through AAR Japan

Activity report of the support to people in the fight against the COVID-19 crisis can be seen on AAR Japan web site ( Please check the website to understand the background of people facing COVID-19 crisis and how your support could be used for people.

AAR Japan discriminates against no one based on their political views, or religious belief and delivers aid to the most affected in an impartial manner. Far Yeast Brewing agree with AAR's policy and hope to send gratitude and kindness messages to the world.