[News Release] Nippon Craft Beer to Go Global with New Far Yeast Edition

TOKYO, Japan – January 28, 2015 – Nippon Craft Beer Inc. (NCB) is proud to announce that this spring it will launch a new edition of the Far Yeast beer brand that has been specially crafted for the overseas market.

First launched in April 2014, the Far Yeast brand is the follow-up to NCB’s successful Kagua brand of craft beers. Inspired by the city itself and focused on the key concepts of “excitement and brilliance,” the new brand consists of two separate lines: Tokyo Blonde and Tokyo White. Both quickly established a strong following in their native market of Japan and have piqued the interests of NCB’s partners abroad.

To meet the requirements of exporting Far Yeast overseas, NCB has mainly been working on two factors: extending the expiration dates and improving its stability while in storage. Working together with Kiuchi Brewery, home of Hitachino Nest Beer, NCB has been successful in lengthening the shelf life of Far Yeast Tokyo Blonde – Export Edition. Even with the adjustments, the new edition retains all of the original’s fresh and brilliant flavor, as well as its overall drinkability.

The launch of the new brand will begin in Asian markets such as Hong Kong ,Taiwan and Korea in April 2015, before expanding to other regions and countries throughout the world.

Details of Far Yeast Tokyo Blonde – Export Edition

Commercial Launch Date: April 2015
Ingredients: Malt, Hop
Alcohol Content: 5.5%
Sizes Available: 330ml bottle and keg
【Test Brewing Showcase】
NCB will hold a test brewing event in early February at Hitachino Brewing Lab. This event is open to the public and the details are as follows:
Date: February 3rd, 2015
Time: 17:00-22:00
Venue: Hitachino Brewing Lab
Address: 1-25-4 Kanda Sudacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

About the Far Yeast Brand

“Sharing Tokyo’s essence with the rest of the world through beer,” was the original concept behind the Far Yeast brand. Tokyo is known worldwide as an exciting, brilliant and modern metropolis where history and tradition remain vibrant. Far Yeast, which is brewed by a domestic brewer with recipes created by NCB, aims to capture that spirit of melding both the modern and traditional.

With its characteristic, enjoyable flavor that remains pleasantly drinkable, Far Yeast was first released in April 2014. It is the second beer brand release from NCB following Kagua, and is comprised of two varieties. The first is Tokyo Blonde, which is a pilsner style beer, while the second, Tokyo White, is a saison style beer.

ABOUT Nippon Craft Beer Inc.

Nippon Craft Beer Inc. was founded in September 2011 with the objective to deliver the best beer throughout the world. On March 24, 2012 it launched its first product, Kagua, which is now available in more than 300 high-end restaurants in Japan, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, Paris and the United States. Plans are in the works for further global expansion and development of new product lines in order to realize the mission of “Democratizing Beer” – creating unique beers for discerning people all over the world.

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