Introducing the Nobo-Con board, a climbing training board

For this unique cross-industry collaboration, Far Yeast Brewing teamed up with rock climbing gym, HIROS UP! CLIMBING CLUB and local digital fabricator, TSUKURUZA to create the “Nobo-Con” Climbing Board to help beginner and intermediate rock climbers improve their climbing technique from the comfort of their own home. The “Nobo-Con” Climbing Board is named after the Nobo-Con rock climbing competition held annually in September.

In commemoration of this release, Far Yeast Brewing launched two unique product sets containing either 6 or 12 cans of beer, a climbing board, and a hotsprings towel on their online store on Wednesday, July 15th. Far Yeast has been working to connect climbers and craft beer culture for several years, supporting climbing club events including “Nobo-Con”, held by HIROS UP! CLIMBING CLUB, and “Beer Session”, held by Fish and Bird climbing gym in Koto-Ku, Tokyo. Although all climbing events were canceled this year due to the rise of COVID-19, Far Yeast hopes to continue supporting the climbing community through the development and sale of the Nobo-Con Climbing Board.

Currently, there are many training tools for advanced climbers in the market. However, there were few tools for beginner/intermediate climbers to train at home. Nowadays, COVID-19 prevents climbers from training in gyms or at outdoor public spaces, but with the Nobo-con board, beginner and intermediate climbers can train at home.

Under the supervision of Mr. Hiroki Ota, the representative of HIROS UP! CLIMBING CLUB, Nobo-Con Climbing Boards are produced by neighboring Kosuge village company, TUKURUZA, using their digital fabrication technology.

At the Far Yeast online store, sets of 6 or 12 cans of Far Yeast beers, a Nobo-Con board, and a Kosuge hot spring towel is available now


■6 can set containing a Nobo-Con board, two each of three types of canned Far Yeast beer and Kosuge village hot spring towel. 

20,000yen tax and delivery incl. 

■12 can set containing a Nobo-Con board, four each of three types of canned Far Yeast beer and Kosuge village hot spring towel.

22,500yen tax and delivery incl. 

Nobo-Con board is also available at TSUKURUZA’s online store: 

TSUKURUZA Online-shop

Since the Nobo-Con board is made to order, please allow one week after ordering before the product set is shipped.

Several patterns of holding acceptable, such as Jug, Crimp, Pinch and Open hand.

Mr. Sakai in charge of designing Nobo-Con board from Kosuge Tsukuruza



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